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A lottery is a game which offers terrible odds and winning a lottery is not just something that one can do when just looking for chances to win. There are many things that you can do to increase the chances of winning. Lottery, although a very popular game has a lot of things that not everyone is aware of. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the things that you need to aware of the lottery.

What to do after you win

Generally, people are not aware of what to do when they win. One way is to listen to the officials as they will help guide you through a safe process of getting the amount from a financial planner. Try first to get the right cash options which can help ensure that you get the right initial payment and annual instalments which can work for over 29 years. There are many winners who generally opt for cash that too with their very own disadvantages. Although, there is going to be reduced tax bills which can help offer the right flow of income, which generally climbs 5% annually.

How to claim the Jackpot

It is important to know that there are different states offers different rules. It is important that you purchase the right ticket from the state while being aware of their policy. Generally, Sikkim state lottery offers you more than 180 days to a year to claim your rewards. Also, one of the major misconception that people have is the fact that everything can be collected just by depositing the check that is being offered. It is important to know about the payment speed, which varies by the state. Generally speaking, it takes about one to two weeks to get the amount processed.

Can the winners remain anonymous?

It is based on personal preference that the winners can be kept anonymous. There are also other policies that one has to read and get prepared for as different. Read up through their policy and confirm if your name will appear on the public records or not. Winners are generally asked for their consent before they are asked to appear, which can help ease the pain of anonymity.

About the Taxes

For people who win around 24% is deducted in the form of federal taxes, and this can largely vary depending on when you stay. There are certain places where people do not accept the lottery winnings and look out for individual income taxes as well. Try to be prepared with checks as there are many things that you need to pay off. If you do not stay in the state that you brought your ticket can lead to you having a very complicated effect as rules can easily vary from different aspects, and you need to plan your financial year well.

US Football: Basic rules


A favourite sport in the United States and also the rest of the world, American football is indeed an exciting sport. Its different rules, score system, make it more challenging to play and equally enjoyable to watch. So if you intend to start off with American football, here are a few basic rules you need to know:

The number of players:
There are 11 players from a team at a given time on the football field.

Through the game, there are four quarters 15 minutes each.

Each team is allowed three timeouts per half.

Halftime is at the 12th minute.
There is sudden death overtime of 15 minutes if there’s a tie.

The primary objective of playing American football wound up in one sentence will be:
Strive to move the ball towards the opposition’s end zone and then ultimately get into their end zone.
While this may sound easy, when you add the rules and a dash of regulations into it, it becomes a task!

basic rules

You can achieve this task of getting the ball to the opposition’s end zone by running with the ball in hand unless of course, you get tackled by the opponent. When tackled you can pass over the ball to your teammate, who can continue his run towards the touchdown.

The Down game
This is what makes this game interesting. The offensive team is assigned four downs to move the ball in sections of at least 10 yards. You get four chances to do this, and every time you successfully get past 10 yards, you earn another down – which gives you four more chances to go further ten yards!

And what if you don’t cross 10 yards and are done with the four chances? You have to give up possession of the ball to the defensive team.

You can manage to get a field goal if you have neared the opposition’s goal post by the fourth down and are in close proximity to the goal post to kick the ball through it.

Scoring system:

  • If you manage to get past the opposite team’s end zone and manage to collect or catch the ball there, it’s a touchdown, and this fetches you six points.
  • A field goal gains you three points in the United States.
  • Tackling a member of the offensive team when he is with the ball in his zone fetches you two points.
  • Kicking the ball through the uprights after a glorious touchdown gets you one point and taking the ball into the end zone again fetches you two points.


Tips to get better at football

Womens Soccer

It’s every sportsperson’s dream to master the sport they play. Getting better by the day, honing skills and learning tricks of the play help you get closer towards becoming the sportsperson you want to. And American football is no exception– the same amount of dedication and hard work goes into mastering this game too. Let’s have a look at what you can do from your end to ensure continual progress:

  1. Know the game:
    Knowing the game in and out is the first step you have to take. Read extensively about the game you are pursuing and learn up the rules. Getting acquainted with this information will only help you implement it better on the field and gain the desired results. So even if you find it boring or time-consuming, you have to do this. Get your basics right and set up a strong foundation.
  2. Practice – a lot:
    American football is not as easy as it looks or sounds like – and those who play it know this really well. So don’t leave a chance to practice – especially team practices. Team practices help you get better faster, as you have a lot of people around you from whom you can learn and pick up tips.
  3. Show dedication and interest:dedication
    Showing up early for team practices will not do you any harm – it will make it clear to the coaches that you are genuinely interested in learning the sport and they will take extra efforts to ensure you get better at it.
  4. Extra workout:
    The game you play is not your workout. You have to prepare your body for the game you play by dedicating some extra time to developing your core strength, stamina, flexibility and everything else required by your sport. So ensure you include an extra workout session in your regime too.
  5. Watch what you eat:
    Junking up is not going to benefit you in any way. You may love that plate of French fries or pizza, but mind it – it is only going to make you sluggish. Instead, get in touch with your coaches and check what is essential and healthy for your body to perform better on the field. Eat food that will enrich and enhance your performance. A little sacrifice will help you the long way.
  6. Watch videos and movies:
    Keeping yourself motivated is extremely important. So you should keep watching videos and films based on American Football, and legendary footballers keep your spirits high. This will also help you understand the knick-knacks of the game.
  7. Get feedback:
    Always keep track of your progress- whether it’s from your coaches, your seniors or fellow players who are better at the sport. Feedback will help you improvise and get your best form out.

Hope these tips help you!


Why do people love soccer?


In the world, we refer to the same thing with different words, and quite often this creates confusion. This is the case with soccer. When the rest of the world calls it football, the people in America call it soccer. Sometimes, it does not matter what you call it, soccer or football, we all love the sport. It is something which is enjoyed and loved by people all over the world, and the following are some of the reasons why people love soccer:

The game is simple to understand:

Have you ever watched a golf game and wondered what those players are actually doing? I am not trying to offend golf players here, but the game is not something which you can understand on the first look. Whereas in soccer, all you have to do is to tackle the ball from your opponent from score goal. There are a few basic rules just like any other sport, but once you get the hang of it, soccer will be a sport which you will love to both watch and play. As you play the game, you will understand all the techniques you need to do to tackle the ball.

FIFA video game:

fifa games

You don’t have to be an outdoor person to love soccer. There are many gamers out there, and the FIFA video game is something which any gamer can’t resist. As they play the video game, many people start to develop an interest in the real game and start to watch soccer. Soccer is a game which is filled with fun and adventure. You never know how things will change in a game.

Soccer unites people:

You might be from one corner of the country. But when you support a team, you immediately get united with the other people who support the same team. You would have seen such things happening or even felt it on your own during the world cups. All of us gather together to support one team, and it is such a beautiful experience to win or lose. You are filled with, and you will be able to feel the player’s emotions.

Soccer inspires people:

There are many techniques to master in the game, and as you learn each technique, you will feel confident. As you play the game or watch the game, you will be inspired to know more about the game. The win and the loss will teach you how to deal with situations in real life. It will also help you to manage stress and lead a goal oriented life.

Soccer is more than just a game to many people, it is life. It brings people together and helps people to have some fun as they play the sport.